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【2018·北京】1. —Hi, I'm Peter. Are you new here? I haven't seen you around?

—Hello, Peter. I'm Bob. I just _________ on Monday.

A. start    B. have started    C. started    D. had started



【2018·北京】4. Susan had quit her well-paid job and _________ as a volunteer in the neighborhood when I visited her last year.

A. is working B. was working C. has worked D. had worked


【2018·北京】7. China's high-speed railways _________ from 9,000 to 25,000 kilometers in the past few years.

A. are growing B. have grown C. will grow D. had grown


【解析】考查时态。句意:在过去的几年里,中国的高速铁路已经从9,000公里增长到25,000公里。该句时间状语为in the past few years。中国高速铁路的增长是从过去一直到现在几年里的情况,故该句应用现在完成时态。B选项正确。

【2018·北京】9. A rescue worker risked his life saving two tourists who _________ in the mountains for two days.

A. are trapping    B. have been trapped    

C. were trapping    D. had been trapped


【2018·天津】13. My washing machine ___________this week, so I have to wash my clothes by hand.

A. was repaired    B. is repaired

C. is being repaired    D. has been repaired


【解析】考查时态。句意:这周我的洗衣机正在修,所以我不得不手洗衣服。根据后句so I have to wash my clothes by hand.可知,洗衣机正在修,故用现在进行时态的被动语态。故选C。

【2018·江苏】31. Hopefully in 2025 we will no longer be e-mailing each other, for we _______ more convenient electronic communication tools by then.

A. have developed    B. had developed

C. will have developed    D. developed


【解析】考查时态。句意:希望在2025年,我们不再互相发电子邮件,因为到那时候我们将开发更方便的电子通信工具。根据时间状语in 2025,可知用将来时;再根据时间状语by then到那时,可知用完成时。结合两者可知用将来完成时。故选C。



30. I was sent to the village last month to see how the development plan _______ in the past two years.

A. had been carried out    B. would be carried out

C. is being carried out    D. has been carried out


【解析】考查时态。句意:上个月我被派到村里去看看在过去的两年里发展计划是如何执行的。根据句中时间状语last month和in the past two years可知用过去完成时。故选A。



【2017·天津卷】8. I ________down to London when I suddenly found that I was on the wrong road.

A. was driving   B. have driven   C. would drive    D. drove


【2017·江苏卷】27. He hurried home, never once looking back to see if he _______.

A. was being followed    B. was following      

C. had been followed   D. followed




【2017·江苏卷】31.He's been informed that he _______ for the scholarship because of his academic background.

A. hasn't qualified       B. hadn't qualified     

C. doesn't qualify        D. wasn't qualifying


【2017·北京卷】33. People______ better access to health care than they used to, and they're living longer as a result.

A. will have  B. have  C. had  D. had had



【2017·北京卷】29. In the 1950s in the USA, most families had just one phone at home, and wireless phones _______ yet.

A. haven't invented   B. haven't been invented   

C. hadn't invented    D. hadn't been invented




24. —______ that company to see how they think of our product yesterday?

—Yes. They are happy with it.

A. Did you call    B. Have you called    

C. Will you call   D. Were you calling





【2016·北京】21. Jack ________ in the lab when the power cut occurred.

A. works B. has worked C. was working D. would work


【2016·北京】23. —Excuse me, which movie are you waiting for?

—The new Star Wars. We ________ here for more than two hours.

A. waited       B. wait       C. would be waiting         D. have been waiting




【2016·北京】25. I ________ half of the English novel, and I’ll try to finish it at the weekend.

A. read       B. have read     C. am reading     D. will read


【2016·北京】30. The students have been working hard on their lessons and their efforts ________ with success in the end.

A. rewarded    B. were rewarded  C. will reward  D. will be rewarded


【2016·天津】3. When walking down the street, I came across David, when I _____ for years.

  A. didn't see  B. haven't seen    C. hadn't seen  D. wouldn't see



试题分析:句意:当沿着街道散步的时候,我遇见了多年未见的David。根据语境,“not see”这个动作发生在come across之前,是过去的过去发生的动作,用过去完成时。故选C。

【2016·浙江】9. Silk ______ one of the primary goods traded along the Silk Road by about 100 BC.

A. had become  B. was becoming  C. has become  D.is becoming



试题分析: 句意:到公元前100年为止,丝绸已经成为丝绸之路上交易的主要商品之一。时间状语是by+过去时间,谓语用过去完成时。故选A。




22.--Did you enjoy the party?

--Yes, we___by our hosts.

A.were treated    B.would be treated.    C.treated   D.had treated


【2015·北京】26.in the last few years, China ___ great achievements in environmental protection.

A.has made   B.had made   C.was making   D.is making



试题分析:句意:在过去的这些年里,中国在环境保护中取得了很大的成就。由时间状语in the last few years可推知动作从过去一段时间持续到现在并对现在造成影响,用现在完成时。故选A。


27.—Did you have difficulty finding Ann' house?

—Not really. She___us clear directions and we were able to find it easily?

A.was to give           B.had given          C.was giving         D.would give



30. —Dr. Jackson is not in his office at the moment.

—All right. I____ him later.

A. will call   B. have called   C. call  D will be calling





【2015·重庆】1.  —Is Peter coming?

—No, he____ his mind after a phone call at the last minute.

A. changes B. changed C. was changing D. had changed



试题分析:句意:彼得来了吗?没有,刚才接到一个电话后改变主意了。根据at the last minute在最后一秒可能发生在过去,故用一般过去时。

【2015·重庆】13.  In my hometown, there is always a harvest supper for the farmers after all the wheat____ cut.

A. will have been B. will be C. was D. has been


【2015·浙江】8. Albert Einstein was born in 1879. As a child, few people guessed that he       a famous scientist whose theories would change the world.

A. has been B. had been C. was going to be D. was



试题分析:句意:爱因斯坦出生于1879年,小的时候很少人猜到他将会成为一个伟大的科学家,他的理论将会改变全世界。根据句意,应该是表达过去将来时,所以只有C选项符合。该选项是使用过去进行时表将来。A选项是现在完成时(用以表达过去的动作对现在的影响,往往有一些关键的词比如说since或者是for加一段时间),B选项是过去完成时(具备的条件是有两个动词,而且其中一个动作要在另一个动作之前发生,那么这个之前发生的动词就使用过去完成时),C选项是过去进行时(过去进行时表示过去某一此刻正在进行的动作,另外动词going的进行时还可以表达将来),D选项是过去时(表达过去的动作)。结合以上的表述以及后句使用的情态动词would(will 的过去时,用于过去将来时),分析可知答案就是C。

【2015·天津】9.  Despite the previous rounds of talks, no agreement______ so far by the two sides.

A. has been reached      B. was reached C. will reach      D. will have reached


【2015·天津】6.  Jane can’t attend the meeting at 3 o’clock this afternoon because she ______ a class at that time.  

  A. will teach B. would teach C. has taught D. will be teaching



试题分析:句意:简不能参加今天下午3点钟的会议,因为她那个时候在一个班上课。根据句中的时间状语at that time,指代at 3 o’clock this afternoon,表示在将来的某一时刻正在做某事,故用将来完成时。故选D。

【2015·四川】4.More expressways         in Sichuan soon to promote the local economy.

A. are being built   B. will be built   

C. have been built   D. had been built




【2015·陕西】24. At college, Barack Obama didn't know that he          the first black president of the United States of America.

A. was to become B. becomes C. is to become D. became


【2015·陕西】22. Mary         really hard on his book and thinks he’ll have finished it by Friday.

A. worked    B. has been working  C. had worked D. has worked






【2014·全国大纲卷】22. Unless some extra money________, the theatre will be close.

A. was found    B. finds   C. is found    D. found



【2014·全国大纲卷】32.The reports went missing in 2012 and nobody _____them since.

A. sees B. saw  C. has seen      D. had seen




【2014·重庆卷】4. You'd better write down her phone number before you _______ it.

  A. forget  B. are forgetting  C. forgot  D. will forget


【2014·重庆卷】8. James has just arrived, but I didn't know he _______ until yesterday.

  A. will come  B. was coming  C. had come  D. came



试题分析:本题意为:“我”此前不知道James要来。本题中“不知道”的是一个尚未发生的动作,排除C、D两项。didn't know要求后接表示“过去将来”的动词,排除A项。故B项正确。


【2014·北京卷】32. I found the lecture hard to follow because it _______ when I arrived.

A. started     B. was starting  C. would start  D. had started



6.【2014·北京卷】--- What time is it?

  --- I have no idea. But just a minute, I ______ it for you.

A. check       B. checked  C. will check  D. would check






22. ---Hi, let's go skating.

   --- Sorry, I'm busy right now. I _______ in an application form for a new job.

A. fill    B. have filled   C. am filling   D. will fill




【2014·山东卷】1. Writing out all the invitations by hand was more time-consuming than we______.

   A. will expect B. are expecting C. expect D. had expected





23.—Haven't seen you for ages! Where have you been?

   —I went to Ningxia and    there for one year, teaching as a volunteer. 

A. stayed   B. stay   C. had stayed  D. am staying





23. —How much do you know about the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing?

—Well, the media ________ it in a variety of forms.

A. cover    B. will cover   C. have covered  D. covered


【2014·陕西卷】22. During his stay in Xi’an, Jerry tried almost all the local foods his friends ________,

A. would recommend  B. had recommended       

C. have recommended  D. were recommending


【解析】试题分析:考查时态。题干中的tried动作在过去发生,朋友“推荐”动作应该发生在tried动作之前,表示“过去的过去”用过去完成时。如:He said he had been there for several times他说他去过那里几次了。“had been there”发生在“said之前”。故此处选B。