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14. —Good morning, Mr. Lee' s office.

—Good morning. I' d like to make an appointment _________ next Wednesday afternoon.

A. for    B. on    C. in    D. at


【解析】考查介词。句意:——早上好,Lee先生办公室。——早上好。我想预约下周三下午(和Mr. Lee见面)。make an appointment for意为“为……预约”,是固定搭配,故A选项正确。

点睛:make an appointment with sb.和某人预约;make an appointment for为……预约。

2.【2018·天津】11. Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had to write a report, but he went ___________.

A. at first      B. after all       C. above all  D. at random


3.【2018·江苏】33. China' s soft power grows _______ the increasing appreciation and understanding of China globally.

A. in line with B. in reply to C. in return for D. in honour of


【解析】考查介词短语词义辨析及语境理解。句意:中国的软实力增长与日俱增全球对中国的赏识和理解相一致。A. in line with按照;与...一致;B. in reply to答复;C. in return for作为 ... 的报酬;D. in honour of为纪念。故选A。



【2017·天津卷】12. When you drive through the Redwood Forests in California, you will be _____ trees that are over 1,000 years old.

A. among    B. against    C. behind    D. below



试题分析: 句意:当你开车穿过加州的红木森林时,你将会位于超过百年历史的树木之间。 be among 位于之间; be against 反对; be behind 在后面; be below在之下。根据句意,故选A。


【2017·天津卷】13. We offer an excellent education to our students. ________, we expect students to word hard.

A. On average     B. At best      C. in return    D. After all


【2017·江苏卷】32.Determining where we are _______ our surroundings remains an essential skill for our survival.

A. in contrast to B. in defense of C. in face of D. in relation to



试题分析:考查介词短语的辨析。A. in contrast to对比,截然不同;B. in defense of为……辩护;C. in face of面对;D. in relation to与……有关。句意:根据周围的环境辨别方位仍然是我们生存的一项极其重要的 技能。故选D。

【2017·北京卷】35. Many people who live along the coast make a living _______ fishing industry.

   A. at   B. in   C. on   D. by





1.【2016·天津】2. The dictionary is ______: many words have been added to the language since it was published.

  A. out of control B. out of date C. out of sight D. out of reach


2.【2016·浙江】3. In many ways, the education system in the US is not very different from ____in the UK.

A. that   B. this   C. one   D. it



试题分析:句意:在很多方面,美国的教育体系和英国的教育体系很不相同。指代上文的名词education system,用that,而且后面有介词短语作后置定语。This表示“近指”,one是泛指可数名词单数,it是特指上文提到的名词。故选A。

3.【2016·浙江】6.That young man is honest, cooperative, always there when you need his help. ______, he's reliable.

A. Or else   B. In short   C. By the way   D. For one thing


4.【2016·浙江】7. The study suggests that the cultures we grow up _______influence the basic processes by which we see world around us.

A. on     B. in     C. at     D. about



试题分析:句意:研究表明我们成长的文化影响我们看周围世界的基本过程。The cultures后面是定语从句,省略that,定语从句中cultures作宾语,那么还缺少一个介词,和cultures搭配用介词in,故选B。

5.【2016·浙江】18. I have always enjoyed all the events you organized and I hope to attend     in the coming years

   A. little more  B. no more  C.much more  D.many more



试题分析:句意:我一直很喜欢你组织的所有的活动并且希望在未来的几年里参加更多的活动。A.没有这个搭配;B.不再;C.多得多(修饰不可数名词);D. many more更多(修饰可数名词)。这里修饰的是上文的activities。故选D。



1.【2015·重庆】2. The meeting will be held in September, but____ knows the date for sure.

A. everybody           B. nobody       C. anybody          D. somebody




2.【2015·重庆】10. Last year was the warmest year on record, with global temperature 0.68 ℃____ the average.

A. below  B. on   C. at   D. above


3.【2015·浙江】3. Have you ever heard of the trees that are homes         animals both on land and sea?

A. about   B. to    C. with    D. over

【答案】 B


12. How would you like_________ if you were watching your favorite TV program and someone came into the room and just shut it off without asking you?

  A. them B. one C. those D. it



试题分析:句意:当你正在看一个你喜欢的节目时,突然有个人进来,一声不吭地关掉电视,你会怎么想?It作形式宾语,指代If后面的句子。该句涉及到了一个疑问句,一个条件状语从句(if)和两个并列句(and)。这当时应该先把它转化为陈述句you would like______.分析句子结构知道like之后缺少一个宾语,需要一个宾格代词充当,所以答案选it。

5.【2015·浙江】17. These comments came ______ specific questions often asked by local newsmen.

A. in memory of B. in response to C. in touch with D. in possession of



试题分析:句意:这些评论是对某些经常被当地新闻人问到的问题的回应。A. in memory of  意为纪念, B. in response to意为回应,C. in touch with意为联系,D. in possession of意为拥有。分析句子成分知道空格处充当介词短语作状语的作用,根据常识和句意,评论应该是对问题的回应。所以答案应该是B. in response to回应。




25.—Who' s that at the door?

  —is the milkman.

A. He   B. It   C. This    D. That



2.【2014·全国大纲卷】28.I think Mrs. Stark could be _______ between 50 and 60 years of age.

A. anywhere        B. anybody      C. anyhow      D. anything


3.【2014·重庆卷】1. A smile costs _______, but gives much.

  A. anything      B. something  C. nothing      D. everything



试题分析:句意:微笑是无需付出任何成本的。该句中的but一词构成前后语义矛盾,“微笑不花钱,但却给予他人很多。nothing与much形成语义对比。故本题选择C项。cost nothing意为“无需付出”。

4.【2014·山东卷】4. Susan made______ clear to me that she wished to make a new life for herself.

    A. that     B. this     C. it      D. her





32. ---When shall I call, in the morning or afternoon?

----___. I' ll be in all day.

A. Any          B. None    C. Neither       D. Either



6.【2014·四川卷】1. She'd lived in London and Manchester, but she liked ______ and moved to Cambridge.

A. both   B. neither  C. none  D. either



试题分析: A;两者都;B两者都不;C三者或以上都不;D两个中的任意一个。根据句中出现的两个地点London和Manchester可知此处指两者,排除C选项;而根据but后的内容可知她两个城市都不喜欢,故答案选B。句意:她在伦敦和曼彻斯特住过,但是这两个城市她都不喜欢,所以就搬到了剑桥。

7.【2014·福建卷】21. In some countries, people eat with chopsticks, while in    , knives and forks.

A. another    B. others    C. both    D. all



试题分析: Some… others是固定用法,意思是一些…另一些…。这里表示“一些国家……, 另一些国家。Another又一个;both两者都;all全部。所以选B。句意:在一些国家,人们用筷子吃饭,然而在另一些国家,人们用刀子和叉子。