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01. The idea of danger made Conseil go pale.一想到危险, Conseil脸色苍白。
02. Weeks passed and nothing happened.
03. But at that moment I heard a voice shouting out through the salt air. It was Ned Land.
04. The water around it splashed and bubbled. At the last minute it dived below the waves and came up on the other side of our ship.
05. I stared at the gigantic[dʒaɪˈɡæntɪk] creature. It was unlike anything I'd seen before and I had no idea how to fight it.
06. The tail of the creature beat violently, frothing[frɒθ] up the water as it moved.
07. I was taken by surprise and felt myself falling forward. I grabbed helplessly at the rail and then I tumbled[ˈtʌmbl] over the side and into the sea.
我大吃一惊,觉得自己向前倒了下去。我无助地抓住栏杆,然后翻过船舷,掉进海里。He slipped and tumbled down the stairs. 他脚一滑滚下了楼梯。
08. I rose to the surface, gasping for air, only to see the ship steaming away from me at full speed.
09. It wasn't long before my strength ran out and I couldn't hold on Conseil any more.
10. A dark shape loomed[luːm] up ahead of us.
11. I watched them with joy, delighted to be following Darwin's trail.
12. Restless, Ned paced up and down like a caged animal. Even the sight of the giant tortoises didn't interest him for long.
内德坐立不安,像笼中的动物一样来回踱步。即使是看到巨大的乌龟,他也没有兴趣。She paced up and down outside the room. 她在屋子外面来回走着。Ted paced the floor restlessly. 特德焦躁地在屋里走来走去。
13. He scowled[skaʊl], and slammed the door behind him.
14. Suddenly the ship shuddered and came to a halt, leaning to one side.
15. But best of all, it was a great chance for us to make friends again. The three of us chatted excitedly on the small boat as though we had never fallen out.
16. The island was covered with enormous trees, many tens of metres tall, mingled[ˈmɪŋɡl] with swaying palms, white orchids[ˈɔːkɪd] and green ferns.
岛上有许多几十米高的大树,夹杂着摇曳的棕榈树、白色的兰花和绿色的蕨类植物。The sounds of laughter and singing mingled in the evening air. 笑声和歌声交织在夜空中。
17. And in a clearing, I saw several birds with long, brilliantly coloured feathers, swooping[swuːp] around in graceful circles.

18. A herd of kangaroos sprang out of the bushes and Ned hopped along with them, holding his hands to his chest like kangaroo paws. Conseil and I laughed so much we scared the birds away.一群袋鼠从灌木丛中跳了出来,奈德和他们一起跳了起来,双手像袋鼠的爪子一样捂在胸前。康塞尔和我笑得太厉害了,把鸟儿吓跑了。

19. Ned and Conseil were looking at me with hope in their eyes. How could I ask them to give up their chance of escape just so that I could find out more about the science of the oceans?内德和康塞尔看着我,眼里充满了希望。我怎么能为了我能更多地了解海洋科学让他们放弃逃跑的机会呢?
20. But before I could give them an answer, a stone flew through the air and hit our fire, spraying sparks everywhere.
21. Another terrifying scream split the night.
22. I staggered to my feet, stumbled[ˈstʌmbl] along the corridor and burst breathlessly into the room.
23. He landed with a jolt[dʒəʊlt] and lay there groaning.
他颠了一下落在地上,躺在那里呻吟。Her heart jolted when she saw him. 她看到他时心里咯噔一下子。
24. Ned sank into another deep silence, angry that we had not manage to stay on the island and find a rescue ship.
25. I loved being in the water, even though there was the chance of becoming a shark's dinner. Fish swam before me like sparkling jewels. Plant life swayed in the gentle currents.
26. A huge shark was swimming towards him, its eyes on fire and its jaws open. I was speechless with horror and unable to move.
27. All this took only a few minutes, but it taught me a lot. I now knew that Nemo was a man of courage. He wouldn't think twice about risking his life.
28. The sensible part of me agree with Ned, but another part of me didn't want to agree with him.
29. I was now used to the wonders I saw every day and I didn't think there was anything left in the sea to shock me. But I was wrong. The oceans had a terrible surprise in store for us.
30. The horrible sight of the sinking ship kept coming into my head.
31. We sat in silence for a moment, thinking that we were going to die. The sound of the raging waters outside grew louder, and the boat rocked more and more violently.
32. grin broadly at...
33. say in a choked voice
34. say sourly[ˈsaʊə(r)]
35. whisper to me under his breath
36. let out a terrifying yell
37. help him to his feet
38. set to work right away